Spinel – 2021’s Hottest Gemstone

We have seen the trend of precious gemstones soaring in value as they become more and more popular. In the past we’ve seen stones like tanzanite and tsavorite garnets’ prices skyrocket after Tiffany began featuring them in their collections. Aquamarines enjoyed a similar escalation in value after it was added to Tiffany’s collection. 

Black Diamonds soared in price after Mr Big’s proposal to Carrie in Sex and the City. 

The moral of this story is – now is the time to be a trendsetter, not a trend follower. 

Predicting the next hottest gemstone can not only create head turning jewellery for you, it can be a very savvy investment.  

Our prediction for 2021’s hot new stone is… The Spinel. Spinel’s have increased in value more than five times in the last five years.




Last century, this gorgeous gemstone suffered some bad PR, through no fault of its own. 

Spinels are often found in the same mines as corundum (ruby and sapphire) and for thousands of years were often wrongly identified and sold as ruby and sapphire. 

When families discovered that Grandma’s treasured Sapphire engagement ring was spinel, spinel’s reputation became unfairly tarnished. In fact, the ‘ruby’ in the centre of the British Crown Jewels ‘Black Prince’s Ruby’ is in truth a red spinel

Even during its chequered past, jewellery giants like Cartier often used spinel.


The last five years has seen a five-fold increase in Spinel’s value. We believe this is just the beginning. Spinels are the next big thing and their value is set to soar. 

As stones like pink argyle diamonds are becoming rarer, especially with the closure of the Western Australian Argyle diamond mine, fine jewellery designers are turning to spinel as an alternative as they are strikingly similar. 

Spinel’s stand-alone beauty aside, often one of the most attractive things about a spinel is that it continues to be a great imposter.  When choosing spinel as a stone in your custom designed jewellery you can secure much larger gemstones than when choosing a ruby or a sapphire.  Investing in spinel now, you will genuinely be getting more bang for your buck and securing the future value of your stone. 

Spinel has caught the attention of Sotheby’s, Ms Mascetti, Chairman of their Jewellery Europe division recently announcing ‘Sotheby’s has noticed a renewed interest in this stone, perhaps sparked by the discovery of spinel mines in Tanzania and by the continuous quest of jewellery houses to offer something different”. 

Gemstones relentlessly increase in value when jewellery fashion giants like Tiffany’s decide it is the stone de jure. Invest in Spinel now, before the big jewellery giants cast their eye its way and decide it’s the next big thing. 

When that happens, the cost of this brilliant, captivating gemstone is going to sky-rocket.



Natural spinel is a rare and dramatically beautiful gemstone and educated, sophisticated consumers are forgiving the stone its past and embracing it for its stand-alone beauty.  

Spinel is head turning and requires no treatment, it is a natural beauty.  Spinel has an evenly naturally saturated colour, high refraction and is available in a captivating array of hues.

Colour – Spinels have fire and beauty and brilliance and they boast very consistent colour throughout the stone. So much beauty and exceptional value for money. Natural spinels are available in almost any colour, including black. Yellow and green are especially rare. 

Hardness – Diamonds are the hardest gemstone (it takes a diamond to cut a diamond) and rate 10/10 on the MOHS scale. Spinels are not far behind them, scoring an 8/10. 

Care – Spinels don’t need any extra ongoing love and care and can be cleaned and cared for in the same way you would a diamond or a sapphire. 

If fact, we love spinel so much that we’ve begun to use it in our Freedom Collection. View our exceptional range here 

Freedom Collection




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