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Alexander the Great & Zeus Ancient Coin Gold Pendant

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$2,376 AUD

About the Ancient Coin

The obverse side of the coin depicts Alexander the Great, the legendary king of Macedonia from 336 to 323 BC. A student of Aristotle himself, Alexander united the Greek city-states and shattered the power of the Persian Empire in an unparalleled conquest that lasted for ten years.

The reverse side of the coin depicts Zeus, ruler, protector, and father of the Greek gods and counterpart to the Roman god Jupiter. The sender of thunder, lightning, wind and rain, he was believed to sit atop Mount Olympus, omnisciently watching and intervening in the affairs of all men. All other gods resided with him and bent to his will.

The ancient coin itself dates back to 336-323 BC and is set into a 9 carat yellow gold frame made from 100% recycled gold.

Approximate Size
The length of the pendant is 34 millimetres (including the bail), and the width is 28 millimetres.

Explore the Pantheon Collection
Zeus. Apollo. Alexander. Caesar. Revered figures of an ancient world who reigned and died centuries ago. Never forgotten, their memory echoes through the halls of history, experienced today in art, myths, and antiques passed down through the ages.

Imperial Vintage Jewellery invites you to explore The Pantheon Collection. Each carefully curated antique pendant and ring in The Pantheon Collection is a snapshot of history carrying an authentic ancient coin depicting revered figures of the past. Many of the coins in The Pantheon Collection began their lives between 500 BC and 1500 AD, relics of an ancient world reclaimed for the present.

Behind the Scenes
Each item in The Pantheon Collection is uniquely designed and crafted with 100% reclaimed gems, diamonds, gold & platinum, ready for you to own and treasure, confident that your ancient coin jewellery is making the lightest of footprints on our earth.

Every coin in The Pantheon Collection is unique and authentic, appraised by Imperial Coins, one of the most trusted numismatic houses in Australia with over 150 years of combined experience.

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