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Tyche of Constantinople Ancient Coin 9ct Gold Ring

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$1,865 AUD
About the Ancient Coin

The obverse side of the coin depicts Tyche of Constantinople, a Roman goddess of fortune and destiny and the daughter of Hermes and Aphrodite. She was believed to have won the city of Constantinople after siding with Zeus in his victorious battle against the Titans. A personification of the Empire ruling the world, she was usually depicted as sitting on a throne.

The reverse side of the coin depicts Romulus and Remus, the twin brothers whose story led to the founding of Rome, suckling from a she-wolf.

The coin is set in a custom-designed 9 carat gold ring made from completely recycled materials.

N (Australia and UK sizing) or 6 3/4 (US and Canada).
Our rings can be resized prior to shipping upon request. Resizing is complimentary up or down three sizes or please message us for a quote if more sizes are needed.

Explore the Pantheon Collection
Zeus. Apollo. Alexander. Caesar. Revered figures of an ancient world who reigned and died centuries ago. Never forgotten, their memory echoes through the halls of history, experienced today in art, myths, and antiques passed down through the ages.

Imperial Vintage Jewellery invites you to explore The Pantheon Collection. Each carefully curated antique pendant and ring in The Pantheon Collection is a snapshot of history carrying an authentic ancient coin depicting revered figures of the past. Many of the coins in The Pantheon Collection began their lives between 500 BC and 1500 AD, relics of an ancient world reclaimed for the present.

Behind the Scenes
Each item in The Pantheon Collection is uniquely designed and crafted with 100% reclaimed gems, diamonds, gold & platinum, ready for you to own and treasure, confident that your ancient coin jewellery is making the lightest of footprints on our earth.

No two coins in The Pantheon Collection are the same. Every coin is unique and authentic, appraised by Imperial Coins, one of the most trusted numismatic houses in Australia with over 150 years of combined experience.

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