6 Things We Didn’t Know About Birthstones

Birthstones embody a connection to our spiritual selves and find a beloved place in many a vintage jewellery collection. Sometimes they are centrepieces, wowing us with glorious displays of light and colour, while others are accent stones, unassuming and quietly resting, just outside the limelight, still carrying their spiritual significance. 

Many of us may already know our modern birthstones, and some may even know their traditional and ancient alternatives. Yet aside from knowing which of these wonderful spiritual keystones align with us on a spiritual level and which merely float our aesthetic boats, the question remains as to just how much we truly know about birthstones.  

Let’s look at six amazing birthstone facts the average Joe very likely doesn’t know.


    Ancient historian Flavius Josephus realized that each of the twelve gemstones on the legendary Breastplate of Aaron, from the Book of Exodus, represented a specific human characteristic of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, later linking them to the signs of the zodiac.


    By 1912, a multitude of birthstones existed - so many in fact that the number had to be pared down into an official standardised list of modern and traditional varieties whilst simultaneously taking into account factors such as availability to the jeweller and cost to the wearer. 


    Throughout the ages, birthstones were believed to have medicinal properties, providing relief from pain and depression and, in the case of amethysts, protecting the wearer from intoxication - great for those who fear poison, but the benefits for lovers of alcohol remain in question!


      Some birthstones were believed to grant superpowers! The story of King Gyges of Lydia told of a magical ring many set with an opal that made him invisible, allowing him to seduce the queen and overthrow his predecessor! We’ll leave the art of seduction when invisible to the imagination.


        Many birthstones throughout history supposably blessed the wearer with divine protection. Sapphires in particular were believed to provide protection from demons, and were even said to be used by necromancers to bring the nefarious evil beings under their control.  

        6. EXPRESSION

        The way birthstone jewellery is worn carries additional meaning. For example, wearing a ring on the thumb signifies liberation, the index finger leadership, the ring finger romance, the pinky finger allegiance, and the middle finger introspection (so long as the finger is not thrust upward!).

        Spiritual properties aside, we can appreciate birthstones solely for their often ravishing beauty. One need not be spiritual to lose oneself in the vibrant hues and captivating transparency of a red garnet. The sheer spectacle of such pristine natural beauty is something rarely seen and a  joy to behold.  

        Now we turn our attention to popular monthly birthstones and their alternatives. For the next twelve months, we will be your guide on a journey of discovery. You will learn about and appreciate the most popular birthstones, understand their associated human characteristics, believed spiritual properties, and the aesthetic qualities that continue to delight wearers to this very day.  



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