4 Things to Avoid When Purchasing an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring may be the most important piece of jewellery you buy in your lifetime. 

As your relationship, your family and your life change, it often remains the one item of jewellery that you have the greatest emotional attachment to. 

No wonder there is some anxiety over choosing the right one. 

Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

Avoid Mass Production

There are many choices when it comes to an engagement ring but the most popular movement right now is the movement AWAY from mass produced jewellery. 

Mass produced jewellery tends to be poorly made, often needing work later in its lifetime. Cheaply made rings tend to be made with less gold, and lower carat, meaning the structural integrity of the piece doesn’t stand up to the daily wear required of an engagement ring. 

Due to the lack of structural integrity diamonds can sometimes fall out of poorly made rings.  


Avoid Trends

Over the years there have been many engagement ring trends. Many have been enduring but some haven’t stood the test of fashion time. 

The enduring choice since the early 60s is a solitaire diamond and Princess Diana revived the blue sapphire as a popular choice. 

Essentially you don’t need to check the trends before choosing a ring. Whatever ring you use to celebrate your engagement (the ring that makes her happy cry when she opens the box) that is your engagement ring and what’s inside the box is entirely up to you.


Avoid Buyer Vulnerability 

If you’re buying new or vintage, high end jewellery transactions like the purchase of an engagement ring should be conducted with a reputable jewellery establishment with in house knowledge and training to provide you with the best selection, valuations and guarantees. 

Buyer vulnerability, diamonds

When buying a modern cut diamond, don’t blindly fall victim to the 4Cs.

Some rating discrepancies are outside of the range of human vision meaning they can’t be seen by the naked eye, but they do cost significantly more. 

Some diamond imperfections can be covered during the design process, with a claw setting for example, eliminating the flaw from the human eye. 

Work with a skilled designer who has many loose diamonds to choose from, giving you a choice of stones.

Buyer vulnerability, Vintage

There is so much romance around a vintage engagement ring. The adding of your own love story to couples before you and the absolute uniqueness of a vintage ring is captivating. 

However shopping for a vintage fine jewellery item can be fraught with buyer vulnerability. 

When shopping for a vintage engagement ring it’s imperative you know the difference between fine vintage jewellery, vintage costume jewellery and vintage replicas or you may be in for a high price tag and a tarnished ring finger. 

Imperial Jewellery has highly skilled jewellery valuers who carefully curate our collection and who can discuss the value and history of a vintage ring. Not all vintage jewellery sellers will have these niche skills in house. If you are not confident that the item you are buying is genuine, seek an independent valuation.

Stone & Style

Think Carefully About Opals and Pearls

Finally, opals and pearls are beautiful and opals especially, are experiencing a strong popularity comeback. 

If you are planning on an engagement ring you wear every day, opals and pearls don’t tend to hold up to the wear and tear demands of an everyday ring. If you plan for your engagement ring to be a special occasion ring, an opal or a pearl (or both!) would still be suitable. 

An engagement ring is easily the most meaningful piece of jewellery you will own in your lifetime. You should enjoy the experience of finding the perfect ring. 

Make sure you avoid these pitfalls, and only work with reputable suppliers and you’ll be able to cherish your ring for a lifetime. 

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, Imperial Jewellery offers a Custom Design service where your dream ring can be designed and made in our Brisbane jewellery workshop. 



Make an appointment to view our beautiful range of fine jewellery and vintage rings. Meet our Principal Designer to discuss Custom Making your dream ring, choosing from an extensive range of diamonds and gemstones. We believe there are more than enough diamonds, gemstones and precious metals already mined for our jewellery needs. We have amassed a staggeringly beautiful collection of recycled diamonds, gemstones, gold and other noble metals, all environmentally friendly and conflict free.