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We create custom designed jewellery to bring your vision to life, including custom engagement rings and wedding bands.   

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The art of making jewellery is an ancient and highly skilled craft. The secret to our highly sought-after custom design is the close working relationship between our jewellery designers and expert craftsmen. We work together to create flawless pieces to be loved and cherished not just for your lifetime, but for generations to come.

By choosing Imperial Diamonds and gemstones you are leaving the lightest footprint on Mother Nature by removing the detrimental impact mining has on the planet and the people who mine them. In this regard our jewellery shines a little brighter. 

Choose from our beautiful and extensive collection of reclaimed diamonds, gemstones and precious metals or incorporate any gemstones you may have.

Custom design your special pieces with our visionary designers. An engagement ring, wedding rings, or an heirloom you would love to repurpose or redesign.   

Keen to know more? Let's make an appointment and start the ball rolling. 

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