out with the old

Sell or trade Jewellery with us

We buy your unwanted, damaged, vintage or designer jewellery in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, online, anywhere.

There are options for your unwanted jewellery or timepieces. Sell them to us or trade them in against something from our unrivalled collection of one-of-a-kind treasures.

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How to sell your jewellery

You will get the fairest offer for your jewellery by bringing your collection to Imperial Jewellery, who have experienced in-house gemmologists and valuers.

Selling to buyers who are guessing at value often leads to your item being undervalued and you being underpaid.

There are many reasons for selling your jewellery.

It’s broken or damaged

Help reduce the environmental and ethical impact of mining new resources and sell your damaged jewels to us. Repurposing diamonds, gemstones, gold and other precious metals fuels our ethos of sustainably-sourced jewellery. 


Your ugly duckling may be someone else’s swan. If you have a piece that you genuinely know you’ll never wear, give it a second life in someone else’s hands. Sell to us outright or exchange it for something you will wear and love.


It can be challenging to manage an inherited estate when you're dealing with a loss. At times like these, it's especially important to bring your jewellery to certified valuers who can give you a fair price and work alongside you with respect and kindness.


We often see clients who would like to sell their engagement and wedding rings after a divorce. What better way to do this than to trade your rings for a little something to congratulate yourself on surviving and thriving?


More ways than one

The unique choice at Imperial Jewellery is that you are NOT limited to selling your jewellery, you’re free to trade it in towards a special jewel from our wondrous collection. 

Know that when you sell to us, you give your jewels a new chapter in life with another or become a part of its journey into a new ethically-crafted evolution.