for the love of mother earth

our story

From one-of-a-kind vintage jewels to new creations lovingly crafted by our talented jewellery designers and master craftsmen in Brisbane, Australia - every treasure is devoted to the preservation of Mother Earth.

Each jewel is imbued with a sense of nostalgia - a connection between the past, the present and the love that is yet to come.

our story

Celebrated founder, certified gemmologist, jewellery designer, and qualified valuer Sarina Cheney shares her journey and passion for jewels with her work family in Brisbane and Toowoomba, Australia.

Inspired by the history of jewels, the stories they are connected to, and the people who wore them, we forge together to both create, and restore precious jewellery to be loved for time eternal.

We honour how jewellery makes us feel when we wear them, when we gift them, when we pass them down to generations to come.

Starting with a solo boutique in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, Imperial Jewellery can now also be discovered in Hamilton, Chermside, Carindale, Toowoomba and a worldwide online presence.

our vintage & antique jewels

Consider us modern-day treasure hunters. We search the globe for unique, beautiful, and often rare finds.

A vintage jewel has many stories to tell - tales of romance, family, happiness, and sometimes loss.

Handed down from person to person, generation to generation, a whole new chapter awaits for your next vintage find.

our handcrafted collection

Imperial Jewellery is strongly sustainable, environmentally friendly and conflict-free.

Jewels from our Freedom Collection are designed by our artisans and lovingly handcrafted using recycled diamonds, gemstones, gold, and other noble metals making it the responsible choice.


Discover our unrivalled collection of vintage & artisanal jewellery, bringing the romance of “old world” to a new generation.

our commitment

All our efforts focus on sustainability and being kind to earth. In partnership with ecologi, we are committed to donating a portion of our sales to rebuild an Australian forest if your behalf.

By choosing Imperial Jewellery, you reduce your carbon footprint by removing the need for newly mined material which can have a detrimental environmental and ethical impact.

Be a thoughtful conservationist and protect our beautiful planet from the impacts of mass consumption.

our sustainability VALUES