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We purchase full estates, provide avenues for auction and independent valuations.

One of the most difficult administrative jobs after a loved one has passed away, is managing their estate. 

After property and investments, dividing the estate equitably can be challenging. Families wonder how to sell deceased estate jewellery and other items such as a coin collection, vintage accessories, 'old-world' furniture and other treasured items.

It can be increasingly difficult if family members disagree on the sentimental or financial value of the estate or how it should be equitably divided. Don't allow this process to be harder than it already is; let us to guide you through it.

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Three Avenues for a Deceased Estate

Imperial Jewellery is a unique end-to-end service. We have highly skilled in-house valuation experts providing offers to purchase, valuations and reports on your estate’s wealth.

There are three main options for deceased estates, all of which we can help you navigate: 

1. Sell the full estate. 
2. Divide the estate equally. 
3. Auction the entire estate.  

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1. Sell the full estate

Quite often, a family will decide to sell a deceased estate in its entirety to ONE buyer - minimising the emotional stress of prolonged grief and any disagreements regarding value.

Because our valuation experts are in-house, whichever option you’re taking (sell, divide, auction) means you are dealing directly with specialists.

Our clients claim that having us as one point of contact to manage their estate has been helpful. Our purchase proposal may include: 
gold and other noble metals
– designer fashion and accessories
– and furniture.  


2. Divide the estate

With a collective industry experience of over 100 years, we provide a comprehensive and precise assessment of individual items, coin or jewellery collections.

Our knowledge of the jewellery and watch industry is extensive, working closely with industry peers to provide the most accurate and impartial valuation and reports possible.

3. Auction the estate

Where beneficiaries cannot agree on the estate's value, an auction generates a favourable solution for all. Auctioning each item allows the market to determine value and liquidate the estate in this manner

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Valuation of estate process:

1. Schedule an appointment to visit our head office in Hamilton and meet with one of our highly-trained consultants.

2. Ship your items to us. We can assist in arranging fully insured courier shipments. 

 3. Call out service. To determine eligibility and to obtain a quote, please contact us.

You will receive an in-depth report on the value of the estate’s jewellery and timepieces. If there are items of interest to us, we will provide an offer for purchase.

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