The one rule for choosing an engagement ring for your second, third…fourth engagement

There is one golden rule that really must be followed if you’ve been engaged before and it’s this – there are no rules. Throw all the rule books out the window. 

This is your time.

If this is your second engagement, third (or more) I think it’s fair to assume you know what you want. Not just from a ring, but from a relationship.  

We’re finding couples who have done this before typically shop together for their rings and we love working with them. The surprise wasn’t popping the question, it was the utter delight in finding this new love and new life after the hot mess of divorce. 

This is about YOU

This is your time to truly honour who you are and what you want, ignore any rules, ignore what people may think. Quite often when we have couples who have been married before in our showroom, there’s a sense of calmness

There’s a refreshing sense that this is about the two people in front of us, and no-one else.

The one rule for choosing an engagement ring for your second

For the love of Marriage

Elizabeth Taylor, famously loved marriage so much she stepped up to the altar no less than 8 times. 

Liz often added multiple carats to her rings with each engagement. Finally, after Mike Todd’s 29 carat engagement ring, which is admittedly hard to compete with, her next fiancé gifted her a fabulous, stunning diamond bracelet to mark their betrothal. 

Scarlett Johansson’s third engagement ring (to Colin Jost) is ultra-unique. An 11-carat light brown diamond on a black ceramic band. Scarlett’s first engagement ring was a traditional round brilliant cut diamond set on a gold band, her second a fabulous diamond homage to art deco style

Her third ring was custom designed together with Colin and Jeweller James de Givenchy. It truly reflects the couple’s individual style. 

We are meeting couples, like Liz, who, especially when the last engagement ring was mammoth, are opting out of rings altogether and choosing to mark the occasion with fabulous earrings or bracelets for her and a vintage Swiss watch for him. We quite often see the guys getting a look in for engagement presents when it’s the second or more time. 

Custom Design

Many couples like Scarlett are opting to work with our Principal Designer to design something that is truly original. 

Other couples have realised that their lifestyle doesn’t lend itself well to wearing a ring every day and are opting for show stopping fine jewellery cocktail rings or  Opals to turn heads at parties and to wear to all their other friends second weddings. 

You may have been there and done that with the diamond solitaire, or you may have missed the tradition the first time around and are looking forward to experiencing the white wedding and whole shebang this time. Maybe you’re planning to add a few carats this time around or are planning something truly unique with a custom design. Whatever your plans, we love working with second, third, fourth timers, introducing them to the modern-day treasure hunting of vintage jewellery or custom designing something truly unique

The one rule for choosing an engagement ring for your second



Make an appointment to view our beautiful range of fine jewellery and vintage rings. Meet our Principal Designer to discuss Custom Making your dream ring, choosing from an extensive range of diamonds and gemstones. We believe there are more than enough diamonds, gemstones and precious metals already mined for our jewellery needs. We have amassed a staggeringly beautiful collection of recycled diamonds, gemstones, gold and other noble metals, all environmentally friendly and conflict free.