THE JOY of modern day vintage treasure hunting

There is truly something unrivalled about owning vintage items. 

We are seeing seriously strong trends towards owning vintage jewellery. There are many reasons for this movement, some of which include:

  • to mark your individual tastes
  • to be socially responsible 
  • the bang for your buck
  • supporting sustainable practices 
  • and some of us just LOVE treasure hunting.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Modern Day Treasure Hunters

Seeking out the perfect vintage find is modern day treasure hunting at its best. Being an insider, knowing the best spots to hunt, plotting your map and doing the legwork to find the treasure.  

The thrill of the chase isn’t the only reason shopping vintage is enjoying a strong resurgence. 

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

We are becoming more aware of the footprints we leave on this earth. A trend away from fast fashion and mass produced jewellery is a reflection of this. 

There is no human cost or environmental cost in buying vintage jewellery. A ring really is forever, so is a well made brooch or necklace or earring and Swiss watches are so highly sought after because they’re designed to count time for generations. 

Each time you choose vintage or antique jewellery, you are choosing sustainable luxury. You are keeping light, your footprints on this earth.

Part of a story

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Become Part of a Story 

Vintage jewellery is steeped in history. It allows the wearer to step back in time, stretching decades or centuries. Vintage pieces are far more than just a pretty thing – each piece is infused with the emotional life of generations past. Vintage jewellery has already seen romance, love, family, happiness and sometimes loss and endurance, before you even find it. 

When you choose a piece of vintage jewellery, it begins a whole new chapter with you.

As unique as you are 

Vintage jewellery is fashionable without following a trend; it’s a timeless piece of history and art. 

Vintage jewellery looks fantastic teamed with your modern pieces, the old with the new creating a truly contemporary look. 

Every vintage piece is completely one-of-a-kind, so you can choose something that truly represents you. 

Bang for your Buck 

A vintage or an antique piece will often cost you less than a modern counterpart made to the same specifications. This is because, while there is value in the rareness of your item and the collective worth of its stones and precious metal, it bears no manufacturing cost (to the industry and to the environment).

Each piece is unique

There are so many reasons for shopping vintage jewellery. If you love the thrill of the chase and keep a constant eye on your favourite vintage jeweller, or you seek out vintage for the sustainable luxury, shopping vintage is the new black.  




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