The NEW 4Cs when buying a diamond

It's a scenario we often see.

A client (often men – sorry guys) has done their research online and is ready to shop for the perfect ring; engagements, anniversaries, eternity rings. 

They come to us; convinced they know precisely what they want. Without having seen so much as one ring, they are convinced of their needs, based on their 4Cs research.

If you’ve read one blog on the 4Cs, you’ve read them all, and this is why. The Cs are a series of standards set by the market / industry that tells a consumer what is ‘the best’. The reason blogs about the 4Cs don’t vary much is because they are standardised. Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. While they tell us a lot about a diamond, there is so much they don’t say.

A diamond can perform without the 4Cs. When we use the word 'perform' we mean, can be beautiful, can be valuable and can be cherished. 

We’ve written about when the Cs count and when they can be discarded.  

The 4C only really applies to the modern cut diamond.

Our clients are often seeking out antique and vintage rings and these rings often predate the 4C. Antique stones were cut in different ways to modern stones. Antiques were cut in a way to make them sparkle under candlelight. Modern, brilliant diamonds are cut in a very scientific way to help them shine in our modern settings. 

Let's put the scientific 4Cs aside and may we introduce your to our 4Cs. Some REAL considerations when you are buying an engagement ring.

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Jewellery has an inexplicable power to connect people, to a time, a place and most importantly, to a relationship. Will your ring connect you and your partner?

A friend of mine gave his partner a very well intentioned engagement ring. It was lovely, but it wasn’t HER. She confided in me that she wasn’t thrilled with it and it made her a little sad that he didn’t quite ‘get’ her. Her ring essentially disconnected her to her partner. She bravely confessed this to him, and they chose a new, perfect ring together – a ring, that 15 years and 2 children later, she still feels uniquely connected to. 


When I first got engaged I was driving and very nearly hit the car in front of me because I’d been completely captivated by gazing at my engagement ring on the steering wheel! It made me feel SO wonderful wearing that ring, and it still does. It captivates me. My engagement ring is an antique. I was, and still am, completely captivated by it. 


We’re not actually talking about dollars and cents when we say cost. There are enough diamonds, gemstones and precious metals already mined for your dream engagement ring. The environmental and human cost of mining these items is often very high, but it's a cost you can avoid by buying preloved, vintage or antique. 

This is not to say you can't have a NEW ring. Imperial Jewellery has an impressive selection of loose diamonds, gemstones and recycled precious metals that can be used to create a custom design.  


An engagement ring is for the ages. You will be wearing this ring through your life together – does your ring have endurance? Is it made well? Are the stones secure? A well made ring should not only last your lifetime, but be passed down for generations.

If you ARE looking for an investment diamond, a modern cut stone, the value of which is scientifically and therefore unequivocally valued, the 4Cs DO apply here – so check them out

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Make an appointment to view our beautiful range of fine jewellery and vintage rings. Meet our Principal Designer to discuss Custom Making your dream ring, choosing from an extensive range of diamonds and gemstones. We believe there are more than enough diamonds, gemstones and precious metals already mined for our jewellery needs. We have amassed a staggeringly beautiful collection of recycled diamonds, gemstones, gold and other noble metals, all environmentally friendly and conflict free.