Diving into Aquamarine bliss - The March Birthstone

Transitioning from Summer to Autumn, March in Australia still carries with her - warm summer breezes, bright blue skies and rolling waves on sandy beaches, the perfect showcase of The Aquamarine as March’s birthstone. 

At Imperial Jewellery, every day is a celebration of stunning aquamarines set in beautiful vintage and antique jewels and our custom designs handcrafted by brilliant artisans.  For us, the Aquamarine is a joy to work with, her radiance allows for a simple solitaire setting or the indulgence of including diamonds for extra sparkle.  

For our March babies, wearing Aquamarine was thought to calm anxiety, bringing forth peace of mind - harmonising body, mind and spirit. The shimmering blue stone is also worn by many to sharpen the intellect and even cleanse toxins from the body.

Now for a bit of history infused with myth and magic…Latin for water and of the sea, the Aquamarine has a rich history dating back to ancient times, when Romans believed the gemstone would absorb the feelings of young love and pass that bliss to the wearer. 

Image: Aquamarine jewels from our Graceful Kelly Collection

The Ancient Greeks wore it for safe passage through stormy seas.  The Middle Ages considered the blue-green gem a ‘charm’ worn by couples to bring love back to the marriage.  

In more recent times, Aquamarine has been a gift from husband to wife the day after their wedding day and to celebrate their 19th anniversary.  

Image: Stella ~ Aquamarine & Diamond ring designed & handcrafted for our Freedom Collection.


What you buy today becomes your story, generations of your family will layer meaning and history to your jewellery, intangibles that cannot be quantified except in the heart.    





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