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Mary Antique Edwardian Seed Pearl & Garnet Brooch

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$2,165 AUD

Steeped in Edwardian history, the Mary Brooch is exquisite. Intricately designed, her bold sword, crescent moon and soaring swallow are splendidly crafted in 9 carat gold. Crimson rubies and lavish seed pearls both embellish and soften the lines and curves that ribbon betwixt her. Mary symbolises a connection with our past and those dear to us who have come and gone leaving hearts filled with love and in the embrace of warm memories.

The Mary Brooch Gem Details
The white seed pearls measure approximately 1.50-3.00 millimetres. Some pearls are original and some have been replaced.
The red stones are double topped garnets which were commonly used in antique jewellery.
The round brilliant cut diamond estimated to weigh 0.10 carats with H colour and SI clarity grades which we believe not bebe the original gem that belonged in this place.

Brooch Measurements
The brooch measures approximately 10.2x3.0 centimetres at the widest point.

Antique. Edwardian Era.

Great to Know
The Mary Brooch belongs to our treasure trove of strongly sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly, and conflict free jewellery. She lives in our carefully curated collection of one of a kind vintage jewellery pieces. A vintage piece of jewellery has many stories to tell. Tales of romance, love, family, happiness and sometimes loss and endurance. Handed down from person to person, generation to generation. The Mary Brooch is a piece of wonderful history.

Behind the Scenes
Every alluring piece of jewellery chosen to take stage in our unrivalled collection has been thoroughly assessed by Sarina, our Head of Jewellery Design and Curation. Sarina is an exceptionally qualified and accomplished gemmologist and registered jewellery valuer with over 20 years experience in the jewellery industry.