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Alchemy Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery Cleaner

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$55 AUD

It's Alchemy, Darling...

Keep that sparkling "love at first sight" feeling with your fine jewellery by nurturing them with Alchemy - a potion of biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients that will bring back the shine, brilliance, and glitter to your most loved diamonds, gems & jewels - a clean so bright, you'll think it's witchcraft. It's Alchemy - transformational magic using the science of minerals to keep your jewels looking as beautiful as the day you received them.

Eco-Friendly, you say...

Unlike many other brands, our specially formulated elixir has an unlimited shelf life. So, keep what's leftover in your dish after your jewels have got their shine on to reuse until it runs dry!

Bring your empty bottles for recycling into any of our Brisbane locations, and we'll give you 10% off your next bottle of Alchemy jewellery cleaner or Alchemy cleaning kit.