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Hanna Reinvented Sapphire Pendant 15ct 18ct with Chain

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$3,250 AUD


in my heart
I’ve much to say
yet words just never form

they tangle and hang
are fumbled and lost
expressions not quite born

I guess I’m just
the least bit shy
in knowing what to say

though that’s with words
not every form
of showing love’s true way

so rather than
befuddle myself
with words forever late

I’ve something here
that’s from the heart
something that captivates

I hope and pray
it speaks for me
and what I’ve longed to say

that you shall know
my feelings and
with me forever stay

The stunning Hanna Pendant holds a captivating deep green sapphire is set in rose gold, all reclaimed from a 15 carat vintage 1930s brooch. The teal sapphire and white gold setting were reclaimed from vintage 1970s jewellery. The chain is circa 1990s. Another stunning sister piece, The Mia Earrings, were made from the circa 1940s brooch.. 

The Hanna Pendant Gem Details
The large deep green sapphire is estimated to weigh 1.90 carats. The bright tealish green sapphire is estimated to weigh 0.54 carats.


The pendant measures approximately 7.5x15 millimetres, and the chain measures approximately 45 centimetres.  

Reinvented vintage.

Great to Know
The Hanna Pendant & Chain belong to our treasure trove of strongly sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly, and conflict-free jewellery. She lives in our carefully curated collection of one-of-a-kind vintage jewellery pieces. A vintage piece of jewellery has many stories to tell. Tales of romance, love, family, happiness and sometimes loss and endurance. Handed down from person to person, generation to generation. The Hanna Pendant & Chain are a piece of wonderful history.

Behind the Scenes
Every alluring piece of jewellery chosen to take the stage in our unrivalled collection has been thoroughly assessed by Sarina, our Head of Jewellery Design and Curation. Sarina is an exceptionally qualified and accomplished gemologist and registered jewellery valuer with over 20 years of experience in the jewellery industry.