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sustainably crafted artisan & vintage jewels. 07 3630 1903

Antique Double Sovereign Case or Pendant Circa 1913

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$390 AUD

Crafted from silver, this antique double sovereign case has stood the test of time. The case is elegantly engraved with the letters JMC and opens to reveal two spring-mounted holding plates to each hold a sovereign. The Double Sovereign Case is timeless in purpose and will continue as a holder of heirloom coins. The case is beautifully stamped with the Old English hallmarks, and brings with it a world of nostalgia. It would double as a charming pendant, even without holding coins.

Hallmarks Explained
CS★FS - Makers mark - Cornelius Saunders and Francis Shepard inc. 1894
Lion - sterling silver
Shield with 3 wheat sheaves and sword - Chester
Boxed uppercase N - 1913
On the sovereign slots:
Left - Lion - sterling silver
Boxed uppercase N - 1913
Right - Lion - sterling silver
Boxed uppercase O - 1897

The length of the holder is 70.0 millimetres and the width is 33.0 millimetres at the widest point.


Good to Know
The JMC Sovereign Case belongs to our treasure trove of strongly sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly, and conflict-free jewellery. She lives in our carefully curated collection of one-of-a-kind vintage jewellery pieces. A vintage piece of jewellery has many stories to tell: tales of romance, love, family, happiness, and sometimes loss and endurance. Handed down from person to person, generation to generation. The JMC Sovereign Holder is a piece of wonderful history.

Behind the scenes
Every alluring piece of jewellery chosen to take the stage in our unrivalled collection has been thoroughly assessed by Sarina, our Head of Jewellery Design and Curation. Sarina is an exceptionally qualified and accomplished gemologist and registered jewellery valuer with over 20 years of experience in the jewellery industry.